Termite Inspection
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2 Termite Inspection Softwares

Choose from the iTermite Inspection Software or FORM ODAFF-1

Cover automatically fills in the report findings that the buyer and realtor want to know. Findings from page 2 carry over on page 3 for easy markup on the graph.

Easy to use, priced right, works on iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers

Option 1

iTermite Inspection Software is for  termite inspectors located in Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, D.C., Wyoming.

These are states you may be able to use the iTermite Inspection Software. Please verify with your State’s government agency and/or licensing department.

Option 2

The Official Termite And Wood Destroying Inspect Report (ODAFF-1) is for Oklahoma termite inspectors.

This is the revised report from 2020 digitized with auto-fills.

About The Reports

  • All ready to go—you do not have to set it up, customize, or add your info—we do that.
  • Easy to use on iPads and iPhone
  • One time fee — no usage fees or monthly charges.
  • Most thorough termite/pest inspection report available
  • 6 Photos to show the client exactly what you have discovered.
  • Automatically fills in the buyer and inspection information from the first page
  • Report set up to record payment as check, cash, credit cards and/or closing.