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Here is an example of the Plumbing page of the report

Almost all the type is editable and the colors. It is built for Mac products such as iMac, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone and be used across all of them.


You can set up your Master File pre-filled out with descriptions you use regularly. Then use that file as your Master File to duplicate for each inspection. You might usually describe defects such as:

  • AC coils are damaged and need to be repaired or
  • replace wax ring in toilet and tighten.


There are 3 columns

  • The left column, the description, has the list and you check it off.
  • The second column you check off what you find that needs repair
  • The third columns are blank for you to fill win.

"I highly recommend it!"

— Greg Gattis, HQ Inspections

Every page customized to include your inspector info

From the cover page, Date and Name of Buyer are automatically filled in on every page


This is a demo image


You can type as little or as much as you need - fields expand

You can check off boxes or if you feel it needs more explanation, delete box, it will turn yellow, and you type number and info in the right column

This column has check boxes.

Yellow fields you type into.

Blue fields you select from a drop down menu See Example to right.

Download a sample of this example file by clicking here >> X

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