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Not sure if this was a photo of me, Neal Hettinger, at a dawn inspection or a sunset inspection. Looking at my eyes, I think it was dawn. Using the iPad sure made it go faster.


I'm a licensed home inspector in Oklahoma, Internachi member, enjoy teaching at a local community college, and designing websites.


Jack Werner approached me a few years ago about creating a thorough, easy-to-use and affordable digital home inspection program. After all, we don't make that much for inspections and the programs available either were too complicated to use and set up, cost a $1000 and more, or were written by someone who had never inspected a house or commercial property.


Below are my "Yep" photos of some of the oddest things I've seen and hope you get a chuckle. Email me your photos of odd things you've encountered during inspections by clicking on this link:




Hope this program makes your work easier and faster.

Yep, it's tree growing in a shower

They thought the roof was only 7 years old. It had 2 layers so maybe it aged prematurely - yep that was it.

"What do you mean that's not a proper rain cap - it keeps the rain out!"

Still leaked.

"Just needs a couple of bricks secured..."

It has a couple of loose railings and... yep, you see the rest.

"He thinks outside the box to develop and design products that work."

— Andy Waymire, Andy’s C.I.A., LLC.

Yep again - tree growing out of a chimney. Don't have to go far for firewood.

New construction and yes they were glad they got an inspection.


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What a thorough home inspection entails

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